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Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

Forum is email spamming with with all messages - how to stop it?

as above

thanks - all community notification settings had been changed to real time so i was getting updated with every single post. just happened this week.

What I would like to see is the behavior of previous forum versions - is it possible to set this in the new forum?

Subscribed community: Get one email when a new topic/thread is posted. Don't send emails from replies.
Subscribed topic in a community: do receive emails from replies for the subscribed topic only.

That keeps me informed of new topics, but doesn't flood my inbox with every reply, unless I choose to follow a topic. This was IMO the best feature of the forum, and that made Extreme's forum stand out - it made me actively participate in topics that interested me or where I could try to contribute to the answers.

Can this be set somewhere, and I just don't see it?


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Frank is spot on here. I spent some time yesterday going through settings looking for a way to differentiate all new topics from all new replies and couldn't seem to find one. Unfortunately, I'm going to be unsubscribing from everything until this is resolved 😞

Someone please @ me when I can safely come back and re-sub to the categories I care about. I suppose I could stay subscribed to product announcements to see what happens there.


Edit: It even emailed me about my OWN post :eyeroll:

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Exactly my opinion!

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Hello @Stefan K., hello @Frank,

I share your opinion. ​I have also switched off all notifications.
One message for a new thread is enough, not for every post.
Finally, thanks to Sam's adjustments to the new "Recent posts" menu, I can work in such a way that I look at the new threats a few times a day. That means I can also work without notifications.​

Regards Stephan