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Get IP from DHCP server in network

Get IP from DHCP server in network

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One stupid question.

We have Windows DHCP server in our network. 

Extreme Switch X435-24P connected over trunk port and visible in our network.

IP address of Extreme switch is 10.50.254.x, ip route where HPE Core switch. On HPE Core switch are set DHCP relay agent for VLAN 20.

How to configure Extreme switch to get IP on access port (VLAN 20) from DHCP server?


Extreme Employee


To enable the DHCP-Client on the switch to have the switch attempt to pull an IP address via DHCP, use the command:

enable dhcp vlan <VLAN>


If DHCP is successful, you should see an IP address populate for the VLAN under 'show vlan'.


Hope that helps!

Thank you for your response. 

This is not what I need.  Clients (laptops, PCs an so on) connected to Access port with VLAN 20 should recieve IP from DHCP server on Windows 

Hi Alex,

If all you need is clients to pull DHCP from a connected server in the same VLAN, then all you need to do is add the relevant VLAN to all ports in the datapath between the clients and the server. There would be no extra configuration needed to get DHCP to pass.

configure vlan <VLAN> add port <#> [tagged | untagged]

If you need a DHCP relay (client and server in different VLANs), you can follow this guide:


Hope that helps!