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Hello. I sometimes have alarms of elrp but anybody is working with the switches!!!!!

Hello. I sometimes have alarms of elrp but anybody is working with the switches!!!!!

New Contributor III
Hello. I have a 25 Summit X460G2-48p with Data, VoIP and CCTV, I have a VLAN configured for cctv and elrp is configured. But sometimes I have alrams of LOOP in cctv vlan. I don´t no what is the problem in my switches. I have to configure somthing else for video ??


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Hi Angel,

you are using ELRP to block the ingress port, that is the port receiving the ELRP frame sent from the switch. This can help against loops local to the switch from one access port to the other, but if there is a loop involving another switch in the network, ELRP will detect it, but it cannot block it, because the ELRP frame is received on the uplink (which is exempted from ELRP disable).

If you use ELRP to block the egress port, ELRP can block the access port that is part of the loop, breaking the loop.

Please see Hub thread Help, I need to configure elrp for additional info.


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does ELRP block the port? is there anyway that the port is actually looped on the other end ( or on a switch that is down stream)?

share your elrp config, if it is periodic it would reenable the port and the loop would come back and then the elrp would disable the port again.

Que tla Jorge

De hecho tengo en mis equipos Extreme conectados switches cisco que son a donde se conectan las camaras. Podrían ser estos equipos los que me estan provocando la alrma del loop ??


Jorge has a good point, the loop detection could be seeing a loop anywhere on the network... so the core is seeing a loop somewhere on the other side of port 1:52

this could even be a port elsewhere that has ELRP shutting it down, it just takes long enough that this switch detects the loop.