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Help needed with x440-48T Summit switches

Help needed with x440-48T Summit switches

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I bought 2 summit switches model x440-48T from an auction for the Dojo course Campus Exos.

On inspection it became clear both are password protected.

Resetting from boot rom is impossible as boot rom version is installed and does not have the command > config none

I don’t have access to the support portal

Anybody can help me with a boot rom or higher and an exos image to tftp load it on the switches.


A howto mentions a rescue image to be loaded as the first stage for recovery. Is that needed ?


boot rom > show image gives me 1) Exos Image  2) Exos Image 3) Exos Diagnostics 4) Exos Diagnostics

boot2 loads exos 15.x and is also password protected.

thanks in advance


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@ Stefan. Yes I unlocked it this way. Working now.

@ Gabriel. The people behind the Extreme Portal registration process refused to  register me as the owner regardless of the purchase documentation and advice me to return the switches to the seller ! 


Extreme Employee



A recovery image is an option which is basically an upgrade through the bootROM which will in turn reformat the filesystem, delete all config files, and should hopefully unlock the switch for you.


This generally requires a TFTP server connectable through the dedicated management port of the switch, console access to be able to enter the bootrom and run commands, and the relevant .xos image on the TFTP server to install (dont forget to disable your firewall (including windows FW) if it blocks TFTP).

If you’re still having issues, GTAC has other ways of breaking you into the switch, but you’d have to go through the relevant process with our licensing team to record the purchase of these 3rd party assets so that we know you’re the rightful owner. If you’re still having issues, give us a call and say that you’re locked out of your switch and need failsafe assistance. 


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I once did it like this:

But it was a newer switch and I don’t know if this is possible with your bootrom.

Also make sure that you use an compatible firmware image. (21.x and up are not supported)

Best regards