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How to configure two Vlans, VoIP and Data, through the same Ethernet connection

How to configure two Vlans, VoIP and Data, through the same Ethernet connection

New Contributor
Hi community,
I am new working with these Exos Switches and I have a Summit X450e-48p in my office and I would like to know the best way to have a setup where the Ethernet cable goes to the IP phone and from the phone to the PC, and have them using different Vlans, in this case VoIP for the phones and Data for the machines.
I configured the switch already with the vlans and they work but they are independently on a range of ports.
For example Vlan VoIP with network is on ports 3-20 and Data with network is on ports 21-40.
I would like to have ports 3 - 40 for both vlans and have them use their respective IP address ranges.
I would appreciate any help or tips on how to configure such scenario. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long explanation.

New Contributor
Thanks for the help Brian. I will test this out tomorrow in my lab environment. It should work fine.

I'd have all ports setup as this
config vlan VOIP delete port 3 - 20 (to remove ports from current assigned vlan)
config vlan Data add port 3-20
con vlan voip add port 3-40 tagged (this will allow your phones to talk tagged each port as well as having the data vlan for the computer plugged into your phone).

And setup your ports with the lldp settings in the following article. This will work for most phones.

Phone boots up, talks lldp to the switch, switch sees it is a phone and will assign it the voip vlan. Computer talks on the data vlan.