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how to create management vlan with web access to all switches

how to create management vlan with web access to all switches

New Contributor
I have 3 switches one X460 and two X440 with are conected with fiber

...and i want use Mgmt vlan as i use my other vlan so i dont need to go to every switch and connect to managment port every time i want to make changes:)

So i made:

(24 is a fiber port)
config vlan1 add port 24 tagged
config vlan2 add port 24 tagged

but when i try to (i want to connect Mgmt vlan betwen switches)
config Mgmt add port 24 tagged
i get error that i cant change Mgmt vlan...

when i create another vlan for example:
config vlan manage2 ipaddress

I can't acces web config.. even if enable web http (its working only for native Mgmt vlan)
also I can't ping

How to create management Vlan so i can acces every switch web configuration?


New Contributor
esentialy i endup with something like this (using one pathcord to connect Managment port with port 22..but disgust remains that i cant do this software only way)
and created VLAN called management


Valued Contributor III
A connection like that isn't recommended - you'll see strange issues.
This is further described in this thread:

Quick question, why do you want to use the web management interface?

Im not so familiar with configuring switches using terminal. But i know what i want and what to search. With graphic GUI it is faster to get what i want without knowing all commands and how to use them.