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IPv6 IBGP Loopback peering

IPv6 IBGP Loopback peering

New Contributor II
I'm trying to setup ibgp ipv6 between two x460-g2 running version

I have two ebgpipv6 neigh on one router and one ibgp ipv6 neigh on the other router.

The router with ebgp receives a default :./0 from the upstream provider.

I annononce the default route route thru ebgp to a customer just fine.

enable bgp neighbor X address-family ipv6-unicast originate-default

However between the ibgp speakers nothing is announced.
Since it's ibgp I have a igp ( ospv3) that has full connectivity between the ibgp routers I can ping and have reachability between the ipv6 loopback interfaces ( that I have assigned)

Below is the snippet of the bgp config
create bgp neighbor X remote-AS-number 12345
enable bgp neighbor X
disable bgp neighbor X capability ipv4-unicast
disable bgp neighbor X capability ipv4-multicast
configure bgp neighbor X address-family ipv6-unicast send-community both
enable bgp neighbor X address-family ipv6-unicast soft-in-reset
configure bgp neighbor X source-interface ipaddress X

I can mention that the exact same thing works like a charm with ipv4.
The default I get from the upstream is announced to my ibgp peer and I peer over the loopbacks.

Can you see any errors or mistakes ?
If not I will open a case.


Extreme Employee
The problem was caused by ipv6-unicast capability was not enabled on both ibgp switches.

Extreme Employee

I usually like to check what one peer is sending and what the other is receiving, but you may want to check your next-hop first (next-hop self).