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metering on 40GE ports and higher

metering on 40GE ports and higher

Valued Contributor
Hi, all!

Does anybody trying to configure meter higher then 10Gbps?
Have information that there is no possibility to configure that.
Where I can find this limitation?
What reason for this limitation?

Thank you!

Extreme Employee
That is depends of the higher supported speed per platform

* X670-48x.3 # conf meter test1 committed-rate 5 Gbps * X670-48x.4 # conf meter test1 committed-rate 10 Gbps
* X670-48x.5 # conf meter test1 committed-rate 20 Gbps
Error: committed-rate cannot exceed 10 Gbps
* X670-48x.6 #
X670V-48t platfrom has 40GE uplink ports so:

* X670V-48t.9 # conf test1 committed-rate 25 Gbps
* X670V-48t.10 # conf test1 committed-rate 40 Gbps
* X670V-48t.11 # conf test1 committed-rate 41 Gbps
Error: committed-rate cannot exceed 40 Gbps
* X670V-48t.12 #

Correct. X440 family could have uplinks/stack ports (both are 10GE) or be just "L2" model without front-end connected10GE interfaces and in all cases same chipsets with the same hardware limitations are used.

Best Regards,

Am I understand right?

As X440 has models with 10G uplinks, so all switches of X440 platform can configure up to 10G meter? (even X440-L2-24t)

Thank you!

Valued Contributor
Also a question.

Could you, please, explain the general principle of which is limited max CIR value?

Because on 10Gbps switches we have no possibility to configure meter more then 10G.
But on 1Gbps switches we can configure meter more then 1G.

For example X440
# create meter Test

# configure meter "Test" committed-rate 1 Gbps

# configure meter "Test" committed-rate 5 Gbps

# configure meter "Test" committed-rate 10 Gbps # configure meter "Test" committed-rate 11 Gbps

Error: committed-rate cannot exceed 10 Gbps

Thank you!