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Multicast details

Multicast details

New Contributor II
Hello, im looking for addition commands that will give me details about multicast traffic. does anyone have commands that will tell me the uptime, Rate, Source, egress MC on a interface. i have used "show Mcast cache" and "sh pim cache" , "sh igmp snoop vlan", but the info is very limited. thanks in advance

Contributor II
Hi Michael,

if you want to see how much multicast traffic is sent/received on a port, "show ports rate-limit flood" could be used.


Extreme Employee
Hi Michael,

The "show mcast cache" command should give you the info of source, group and egress VLAN & port. Regarding to the rate, you may use "show port utilization" or "show port statistics". But these commands show the utilization of the physical port, not the throughput of particular multicast stream.

Extreme Employee
Hello Michael

I am not sure we have a single command that lists all of the information. For looking at a stream it is usually in the show IGMP command or the show IGMP group command.

If you see the information from a combination of commands you always have the ability to write a python script to combine the information of those commands into your own command.

Sorry I don't have more info for you