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MVRP - dynamic adding ports

MVRP - dynamic adding ports

Valued Contributor
Hello, colleagues!

When I configure MVRP - VLAN is adding fine, but how configure MVRP to adding ports dynamic to this VLAN?

Upstream switch, which transmit his VLAN:
enable mvrp
conf mvrp vlan auto-creation off
enable mvrp ports 10

Downstream switch which receive VLAN:
enable mvrp
enable mvrp ports 1-10

If I connect port 10 (upstream switch) with port 1 (downstream switch) I have this VLAN on downstream switch and have 1 port in this VLAN.
I want to add ports 1-10 to this VLAN.

Thank you!

Contributor III
Hi Alexander,

what is your experience in the field with MVRP ?

Do you have productive environments running with MVRP ?
Also in conjunction with netlogin (and dynamic VLAN assignment) ?

I am interested about good and bad experiences caused by dynamic/automatic VLAN Assignment on Interswitch-Links based on MVRP (Core - Distribution - Access).


Valued Contributor
Hello, Paul!

I trying to find alternative of Cisco's VTP - most suited to the functional is MVRP.
In Concept Guide for 15.4 it's good describe in theory, but there is no examples with implementation EXOS commands.
In my lab I tryed to configure MVRP (without AVB and authentication) - just to dynamically adding VLANs and ports.
VLANs is adding good, but they adding good when I add statically ports to MVRP.

Can you give me example with dynamically adding VLANs and ports (for example VLAN 100 add dynamically on switch and 10 ports adding to this VLAN)?

Thank you!

Extreme Employee
Hello Alexandr

Can you please provide some more detail in what you are trying to do? MVRP is used for both AVB and for dynamically adding ports to VLANs after authentication.

Both processes are discribed in detail in the XOS user Guide.