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PSTAG issue

PSTAG issue

Valued Contributor
Hello, all!

There is L2 network on X670, all clients receiving VLAN untagged.
At each member port, bind the MAC address of its router and disable the learning.
There are customers who are connected "through" some operator, and the operator, wants to give them service not in his VLAN, but in some other.
Therefore, the PSTAG is very suitable.
The port configuration of the participant looks like this:
# configure vlan "XXX" add ports 1 untagged
# configure vlan "XXX" add ports 1 tagged 1000
Traffic in 1000 VLAN from client must be remapped to VLAN XXX online and vice versa.

As a result, this happens, but at the same time the participant, which is connected in the neighboring port (for example, port 2) and for which the configuration is standard, stops receiving the service.
At the same time, sessions with him do not fail, but traffic falls on their port.
The client in VLAN 1000 works fine and sees the entire network.

For example:
# sh conf | inc "port 1"
configure port 1 rate-limit flood broadcast 1000
configure port 1 vlan XXX limit-learning 0 action stop-learning
create fdb cc??cc:c5:f0:02 vlan "XXX" port 1

# sh conf | inc "ports 1 "
configure ports 1 display-string Client-1
configure ports 1 auto off speed 10000 duplex full
configure sflow ports 1 sample-rate 16384 enable sflow ports 1 ingress
enable lldp ports 1 receive-only

# sh conf | inc "port 2"
disable learning port 2
disable flooding unicast multicast port 2
create fdb aa:aa:aa:d6:77:1d vlan "XXX" port 2
configure vlan XXX add port 2 tagged 1000

So when input command #configure vlan UA-IX add port 2 tagged 1000
Connection with port 1 is strangely disappear - MAC-address is visible, but traffic isn't forward.
When cancel a command, everything is restored.

Scheme below:


Thank you!

New Contributor

for any port that has PSTAGs, enabled, we won't have a corresponding match for an untagged frame. and actually, we do that for single tags too.

for example, we would support:
#configure vlan data add port 2 tagged x
#configure vlan data add port 2 tagged y
#configure vlan voice add port 2 tagged z

but not:
#configure vlan data add port 2 untagged
#configure vlan voice add port 2 tagged x

in short, if you're going to send us a tagged frame, then other services you want on that port, need to be tagged too.

(yes, of course, it's possible to mix tagged and untagged frames; but this keeps our support queues shorter)

Valued Contributor
Hi, Nishal!

What do you mean? "our policy is not to accept untagged frames on a port that has PSTAG enabled. "

Thank you!

New Contributor

hi alexandr,

this does not work for us on x670-G2 ( so, our policy is not to accept untagged frames on a port that has PSTAG enabled.

i can't tell you why it doesn't work; just that we saw it in the lab, and moved on. sorry.

Valued Contributor
Hello, Nikolay!

Yes, tried - no changes.
Issue is still present.

Thank you!