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Rate-limit in exos blakdiomand 8806 with emistp

Rate-limit in exos blakdiomand 8806 with emistp

New Contributor

Dear Sir,


               I have Blackdiomand 8806 Exos switch (Image   : ExtremeXOS version v1161b9 by release-manager on Wed Nov 29 23:20:09 PST 2006  BootROM :


                  I need to apply rate limit for broadcast storm / multicast storm on STP(EMISTP) enables port. But when i use rate limit with those STP Ports (5:1,5:2 same STP) the spanning tree show abnormal behavior. kindly suggest me can i use rate limit with STP.







Extreme Employee

I would not use port-based rate limiting on STP enabled ports as this kind of rate-limiting drops any traffic that is above the limit regardless of what type of traffic it is and if you drop STP BPDUs, this will result in STP recalculating its topology.  I would recommend instead to implement it on respective QoS profiles and excluding QP8 in which STP traffic would be placed. Please refer to the following section of the Chapter on Quality of Service in the EXOS user-guide.

Introduction to Rate Limiting, Rate Shaping, and Scheduling