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Recommended switch x440-G2 configuration

Recommended switch x440-G2 configuration

New Contributor
Good afternoon
I have a very simple doubt, ( of newbie ) and wanted some advice
We need to have 1switch x440-G2 , with 8 sfp ports to 1gb
I recommend the model x440-G2-24t-10GE4
Reading the technical specifications, would have a maximum of 8 sfp ports at the same time?
Is this right?
So the switch at its maximum capacity would be like this:
- 20 ports rj45
- 4 sfp ports to 1gb, front (combo ports)
- 4 sfp ports at 1 gb, at the rear of the switch
Is this configuration correct?
(the requirement is to have 8 uplinks and through the sfp ports)
Or would you recommend another model?

In advance, thank you for your attention, and your help.

Contributor III
you can do this in that way...

the rear ports are sfp+ port -->they can also run in 10G mode with license or for stacking...

other device: X460-G2-24t-GE4 or 10GE4