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replacing stack member summi x460

replacing stack member summi x460

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Extreme provided me a replacement switch for my x460-48 because of a failing POE module. Replacement is a x460-48P with exos Failing switch is same model with exos of

The x460 is the second member of a two member stack. The other switch is a x440-24x showing to have exos of

This is the core of my network so once it goes down, my internet options are limited in our rural area in terms of researching issues that might arise.

Can someone advise me as to the approach to replacing this switch? I am comfortable working with the CLI via telnet or hypertm (locally connected) in terms of commands. But not what all needs to be done prior to shutting down the x460 (or perhaps shutting down both members of the stack). For instance do I issue the command enable stack on the replacement switch prior to putting it in the stack.



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My process for the swap - know this is low end stuff for you guys, but I have been out of this area of operations for a couple of years.

Document existing switch (s) and stack configuration in terms of vlan configuration and port assignments

verify connectivity via management ports on both switches.

generate export of stack config to tftp server.

On replacement switch, enable stacking with standard protocol and no easy-stacking. power down.

Power down stack, note cable setup and pull failed switch and remove modules from it being transferred (10GB on back, one of the power supplies and the stacking module).

Replace failed switch with new one with all modules installed.

Power on stack member #1 (existing switch not being replaced) and then power on replaced switch (future #2).

via management port.

Enable stacking node - address (MAC of new switch);

configure stacking node-address (MAC) slot #2;

configure stacking node-address (MAC) master-capability on;

Synchronize stacking node-address (MAC of replacement);

Reeboot node-address (MAC of replacement).


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Much appreciated.


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Hello Mooney,

show stacking details

will help.


Regards Stephan

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Reference stacking protocol. How does one determine what the existing stack has in place - enhanced or standard?