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routing between vlan

routing between vlan

New Contributor
Hi! i have extreeeme 440t-g2-10ge. and this vlan cfg.
Default 1 /21 -f----------T--------------- ANY 7 /19 VR-Default
GuestWiFi1111 1111 /24 ---------------------------- ANY 3 /3 VR-Default
Mgmt 4095 /8 ---------------------------- ANY 0 /1 VR-Mgmt
PrintersVLAN 10 /23 -f-------------------------- ANY 3 /4 VR-Default
VoIPVLAN 20 /23 ---------------------------- ANY 3 /3 VR-Default
ServersVLAN 30 /23 ---------------------------- ANY 2 /2 VR-Default

and this route cfg

#s 1 UG---S-um--f- Default 135d:3h:28m:18s
#d 1 U------um--f- Default 156d:23h:3m:9s
#d 1 U------um--f- PrintersVLAN 140d:2h:42m:41s
#d 1 U------um--f- VoIPVLAN 0d:2h:56m:39s
#d 1 U------um--f- ServersVLAN 27d:21h:40m:15s

if I connect to the port (untagged) a laptop on which there is a server (VLAN), then it will receive settings for dhcp, but does not ping the gateway (VLAN interface). Accordingly, no equipment is pinged further either. How to solve this problem. Before I installed the latest firmware, everything worked. I don’t want to return the old one. There was a slower functioning web interface.

help me please!!!


New Contributor
i dont have acl on this swich. i chenged firmware bacause i need cablediag!

New Contributor II

1) You changed firmware on extreme ? If yes what is new ver. and what was the old one ?
2) If you have ACL, check if they are all applied after upgrade.
3) On mikrotik you have packet analyser for example torch.
Run it on the interface and check if you see any packet from computer/test host,etc.


New Contributor
I can say that now from (computer) I ping (extreeme), but I do not ping (mikrotik), from the default VLAN I ping (mikrotik-extreeme)

New Contributor

Yes, you understand me correctly. The address of the phone and computer comes to the arp table, but these addresses are not responding to the extreme.