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Show Power Consumption of X440-G2

Show Power Consumption of X440-G2

New Contributor II
How do I see the power consumption of an X440-G2? All the switches I have with modular power supplies (X460s and X450s) display their current wattage when I use the "show power" command. The X440s show N/A for power usage and "show power detail" just tells me that the power supply is on and it is an internal power supply.

Contributor III
I know this is not what you want but the units use so little power if they are not POE... Link to detail data pages gives you min-max usage on all the models

Extreme Employee
Hello Terren,

The 440-G2's do not have field replaceable PSUs so that output/functionality is not supported on this HW platform.

New Contributor III
You can issue a "show inline info detail ports" command to see the per-port power use if that's what you're looking for. Simply entering "show inline" will give you a nice summary page.

I think this will get me the info I need. Thanks!