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Stack Extreme X460-G2-24-t-10GE4 with VIM-2SS

Stack Extreme X460-G2-24-t-10GE4 with VIM-2SS

New Contributor

Hello Guys

I have two extreme switch X460-G2-24t-10GE4 with module Summit X460-G2 VIM-2SS.

When running stack command in both switch, both switch show me Master  


Slot-1 Stack.3 # show stacking
Stack Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Active Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Node MAC Address    Slot  Stack State  Role     Flags
------------------  ----  -----------  -------  ---
*00:04:96?3d:XX  1     Active       Master   CA-
* - Indicates this node
Flags:  (C) Candidate for this active topology, (A) Active Node
        (O) node may be in Other active topology


In both switch run the following:


Firts Switch: 

enable stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:XX
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:XX slot-number 1
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:XX master-capability on
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:XX priority 70
conf stacking node-address mac-address 00:04:96?3d:XX
conf slot 1 module X460G2-24t-10G4


Second Switch

enable stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:YY
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:80 slot-number 2
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:80 master-capability on
conf stacking node-address 00:04:96?3d:80 priority 60
conf stacking node-address mac-address 00:04:96?3d:YY
conf slot 1 module X460G2-24t-10G4


Is possible your help with the configuration of Stack?










Contributor II

If I understand this article correctly, it should work:

Open a TAC case if possible.


New Contributor


I configure module VIM-2ss in native mode with stack-ports all selection native but ever show me both Switch in Master Role.


Also running easy-setup and the problem persist.


Now when change to Alternative the stacking is available.


I think the module is not compatible because I test in other switch x460-G2 and have the same problem.


Any idea.









Contributor II

Switch 1 has no config telling it which MAC switch 2 has and vice versa. If this is a new setup, use the easy setup command described here:

If you have an EXOS of 22.6 or later, it may have a new type of stacking method called ZTP stacking:

“Automation for Adding/Replacing Stack Nodes

A new automated process allows you to easily add or replace nodes in a stack. This automation performs the following tasks in a stack:

  • Adds New Nodes—When new switches are attached to an existing stack, adds those switches to the stack without manual configuration.
  • Incompatible ExtremeXOS Check—Checks for and resolves incompatible ExtremeXOS software versions of stack nodes.
  • License Mismatch Check—Checks for and resolves software license mismatches between all master- capable nodes.

Supported Platforms

Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X590, X620, X690, X870 series switches.


  • Except for the Summit X450-G2 and X460-G2 with VIM2-SS modules, all switches require that you configure stacking on the stacking ports manually (configure stackingsupport stack- port [stack-ports | all] selection [native {V80 | V160} | V320 |V400} | alternate]).
  • License mismatches due to installing feature licenses cannot be automatically resolved. The node is left in the failed state.”



Hi Sebastian,


have you properly connected both X460-G2 with a stacking cable? Can you provide the output of the command “show stacking config”?


Kind regards