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vlan interface question

vlan interface question

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Can I assign the same vlan interface to different extreme? Based on the definition of what a VLAN is, I think I can, but my boss thinks not. We had a big argument with him, please tell me friends. I assigned and everything worked fine for me, because of him I removed them, and I cannot search for devices on the ARP table. You have to look for the FDB table, which is extremely time consuming

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Alexey - are you saying you put the same IP address onto a VLAN interface that's the same on multiple switches? There's no issue simply having a vlan interface on each switch, but the IP's should still be unique.

thank you very much) can see this question if you can and give some ideas?

Can you reuse a VLAN name and ID? Yes, as long as they are not trunked together in some way. If you use VLAN DATA TAG 10 in location A. In location B you use VLAN DATA TAG 10 and the only connection between the 2 locations is a Layer 3 connection then YES. I use this all the time as it makes remembering the VLAN names and ID's easy as they are the same. Just be sure you never turn that Layer 3 into a Layer 2 connection unless you have fully checked all the VLANs you are planning to pass across it.

Can you reuse the IP Address? The answer there is maybe, but not a best practice. If the VLAN is only meant to talk in one location and never go to any other location then in theory yes you could use it and route internally to that VLAN. In my experience someone will change that at some point and then you have a re-IP scenario to work through. I would just give it a different IP range to begin with and just not route it.

That would be a more appropriate configuration. You'll be able to individually manage each switch over the network, the end-stations will have the proper ARP entries for both and you'll still have the visibility into the iparp tables that you're looking for.