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X440-G2-48p Stacking 10Gbe links, license error on slot2

X440-G2-48p Stacking 10Gbe links, license error on slot2

New Contributor II
Ok so I might have shot myself in the foot here but figured I post to ask...
I have a stack of three X440-G2-48p switches, and prior to stacking I foolishly installed the 10GBe license on Slot 1 and Slot 3 as we were going to use 10Gbe uplinks (now that is not the case and will use 1Gbe). Now that I have the stack created and using Ports 49/50 for stacking I get an error that 2:49 and 2:50 are not licensed.

Can I remove the license from slot 1 and slot 3? Or can I tell the system that those are for stacking?
Should I just backup my config, wipe the nodes and start over (sans the license install)?

Here is an output from show stacking-support and show stacking

Stack Available Ports
Port Native Alternate Configured Current
----- ----------------- ---------- ----------
1 No 49 * Alternate Alternate
2 No 50 * Alternate Alternate
stacking-support: Enabled Enabled

Flags: * - Current stack port selection

Stack Topology is a Ring
Active Topology is a Ring
Node MAC Address Slot Stack State Role Flags
------------------ ---- ----------- ------- ---
********************** 1 Active Master CA-
********************** 2 Active Backup CA-
********************** 3 Active Standby CA-
* - Indicates this node
Flags: (C) Candidate for this active topology, (A) Active Node
(O) node may be in Other active topology


Valued Contributor III
The 10G licenses won't (shouldn't) cause a license mismatch error like other licenses do.
Also keep in mind that our licensing system won't allow you to swap the 10G license from one serial number to another. If you want slot 2 to have the 10G licenses, you'll need to change your configuration - either in software or physically - so that slot 2 becomes slot 3 and slot 3 becomes slot 2.

New Contributor
Hi Robert,

Since slot two is the "backup" it needs to have the same license as the master. Backups are the next Master in the event of a Master fail.

Removing the license should clear the error;
Command: Clear License * you may need to hit tab to complete the full syntax *

follow this link for stack license mismatch error.