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X770 MGMT port not working

X770 MGMT port not working

New Contributor
I have configured MGMT port on Extreme X770, following the recommendation from EXOS document, however, 1 out of 6 switches does not work.

The issue is that,it seems the MGMT port does not send or receive any package at all. when outside pings the MGMT port, it does not response the ARP message. when MGMT port pings out, there is no ARP message. and it shows timeout finally.

we have tried to swap cables. it did not work. we have changed the remote side, Cisco, even another extreme X770, still not working.

Has anyone experienced this problem. what should I do ?


Thank you. this happens only to one switch, I have tried whatever I can . still not working. it is a little weird that the simplest part of the X770 stops working..