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XIQ Supplemental CLI for EXOS Sharing Group Uplink Config

XIQ Supplemental CLI for EXOS Sharing Group Uplink Config

New Contributor III

Hi All,

I have a few X450 G2 switches already in production as IDF switches with sharing groups configured for the up-links back to the core MLAG pair. Now I need to get these IDF switches on-boarded for management in XIQ. It does not appear there is any ability read my existing config into XIQ, so I will need to recreate them in the XIQ GUI. The problem I am running into is that there does not appear to be a way to configure sharing groups in XIQ, so when I try to push the config it errors out because XIQ is trying to configure sharing group members instead of the master port. I am wondering about using the Supplemental CLI feature in XIQ to get around this.


This is what I have in mind:


The IDF switches presently each have ports 50 and 51 configured as a sharing group connecting back to the MLAG core.

Step-1: Remove port 51 from the sharing group on the production IDF switch and disable port 51 to avoid any chance of a loop via the CLI. This should allow XIQ GUI config to push to both of these ports without a fatal exception.


Step-2a: Configure my XIQ switch template to configure port 50 as a trunk port with the same vlans etc just as it is configured currently. XIQ will also insist on pushing something to port 51, so I will let it configure it as a generic access port and leave it disabled. This will just get wiped out when I add the port back to the sharing group later. 


Step-2b: Include Supplemental CLI commands in the template to configure the sharing group uplink as it was before Step-1 by adding port 51 back to the sharing group and enabling it.


Step-3: Cross fingers and push the config?



  • Does this seem worth a shot?
  • Anyone know how XIQ handles existing config on a switch that it does not have hooks for in the GUI? When I played around pushing config to some lab switches it didn’t seem to totally wipe out the existing config.. my default route, sshd, sntp etc all stayed iirc. In this case I am curious if port 50 will still be a configured as the master of a 1-member sharing group after I push config.
  • Will I be able to recover with a scheduled reboot if this goes sideways? Has anyone tried scheduling a reboot then pushing config from XIQ. I am guessing it saves right away, but it would be nice if there was a window where a simple reboot would revert changes.


Sorry this got to be a bit long!

Thank you!