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Configure 200 Series to Support Cisco CDP Phone POE+ VLAN ID

Configure 200 Series to Support Cisco CDP Phone POE+ VLAN ID

New Contributor

I need to know how to configure the 200 series switches to automatically put Cisco phones, that are older and don't support LLDP, into the correct phone VLAN at bootup. Just setting voice vlan and/or the OUI-based auto-voip feature but it doesn't seem to work. Our core switch, which runs on EXOS is able to do this with the following port configuration:
enable cdp ports 1
configure cdp voip-vlan Voice ports 1
configure cdp power-available advertise port 1
(Taken from
As far as I can tell the 200 series doesn't have this configuration option available but the product specifications state it supports Industry Standard Discovery Protocol (CDP interoperability). As of right now I can manually change the phones admin VLAN ID but that would be rather time consuming as people like to switch their desks a lot in our institution.


The 200-series supports lldp only but there has been a “C4” feature request for Ciscodp. The present situation is for the Administrator to manually change the port state. Please contact the GTAC if you would like to also request this feature change Jason