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internet access via extreme summit x460-24t switch

internet access via extreme summit x460-24t switch

New Contributor
Here is the situation
I have ether cable coming out from my modem which I connect to my PC , then internet works on that PC. BTW , my PC isset to get ip and dns server via DHCP.
Now I want to give internet access to six servers connected directly to this extreme switch.
Note that - these six servers will have static IP (say 192.168.2.x) so that they can communicate with each other.These servers are simply PC's running some software (like asterisk) .
So far , I have thought that
I will make 6 ports untagged with same vlan (say 1001). vlan1001 interface on extreme will have IP .

Also note that - the modem cable gives IP in range 192.168.1.x and gateway = dns = ('route -n' and 'nmcli dev list eth0 | grep DNS')

How should I go about giving vlan1001 internet access ?
Then I have to also give vlan 1002 internet access , vlan 1002 will go from trunk port of switch to a device that accepts tagged packets.
Guess , if 1001 works then I will be able to extend it to 1002 and others.

Please let me know , if some other info is needed.


Honored Contributor
I agree with Daniel.

What should work (at least on every modem I've owned so far) is to reconfig the LAN subnet.

So reconfig it to use 192.168.2.x instead of 192.168.1.x and put all 6 servers and the modem in the same VLAN.

I don't see any other solution with the current equipment if you'd like to keep the same IP on the servers and if the modem doesn't support adding static routes.

Extreme Employee

If your modem is meant to provide home access to the Internet, these modems expect a single PC to be connected to them and have no provision for NATting or adding routes.

To do what you want you need to connect a NAT-capable router to your modem. The router will get its public IP and DNS from the modem (much like your PC does now), and NAT the different internal subnets to the public IP. You'll need to configure routes to all internat subnets not directly connected to the router.

And no, EXOS does not support NAT, so you can't use your switch for that...

Extreme Employee
Hi Sumeet,

since the servers and the modem are in different IP subnets, the switch should be capable of doing intervlan routing.

let us know if the below suggestion would help.

Modem ( ---------- (Vlan 1- 192.168.1.x) Extreme switch (Vlan 2 - 192.168.2.x) -------- servers connected in vlan 2.

IPforwarding enabled in the extreme switch for boths vlans 1 and 2.
Have a default route added in this switch pointing to the modem (

configure iproute add default

Refer the article below for more details:

Hope this helps!


You should also make sure that the servers have default GW of Vlan 2 IP address of Extreme switch and whether the Modem or ISP should have proper NAT / routing configuration for the additional server network (192.168.2.x) as well.
And you need to check from the service provider whether or not there is any limitation configured on the line connected to the modem (e.g. limitation for the number of users can be provided service or allowed bandwidth, etc.).