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missing packages in one vlan

missing packages in one vlan

New Contributor

There is a VLAN connecting firewall 1 through a stack of firewall 2, that is, 2 ports are involved and that's all. And in it there is a loss of packets. Interestingly, the problem disappears after the reboot of the stack, but partly if the percentage of losses was initially about 25 percent, after the reboot of 8-10 percent. I can immediately say that I changed the slot, I changed the VLAN. But the problem remains, and it arises suddenly. Does anyone have any ideas? Firmware A stack of 5 slots, 4 of which are x440G2-24t-10g4 and x620-16x switches. VLAN on 4 and first stack. Please help !!!

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do a "sh port no" and provide a screenshot and tell us on which ports you've connected which device.

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really used a factory switch with only 2 VLANS. FIRST VLAN DEFAULT AND SECOND VLAN TRANSTELEKOM TAG 1000. which port does not matter, I tried through any ports. I pinged from Default VLAN from different computer. Network diagram below.


Please help!!!

may be problem firewall ?

what do you think about that situation?