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Swapping stacking ports without blowing away config

Swapping stacking ports without blowing away config

New Contributor II
I've currently got 5 X450-G2's in a daisy chain stack (Bad I know) using the front 10GB ports.

I've got the SFP passive cables for the "S1/2" ports on the back of the switch but I wanted to know if there's any easy way of swapping the stacking ports without having to rebuild the stack?

# show stacking
Stack Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Active Topology is a Daisy-Chain
Node MAC Address Slot Stack State Role Flags
------------------ ---- ----------- ------- ---
*00:04:96:9a:26:e7 1 Active Master CA-
00:04:96:99:ee:b3 2 Active Standby CA-
00:04:96:9a:27:10 3 Active Standby CA-
00:04:96:9a:26:e2 4 Active Standby CA-
00:04:96:9a:27:80 5 Active Standby CA-
* - Indicates this node
Flags: (C) Candidate for this active topology, (A) Active Node

# show stacking-support

Stack Available Ports

Port Native Alternate Configured Current

----- ----------------- ---------- ----------

1 Yes 51 * Alternate Alternate

2 Yes 52 * Alternate Alternate

stacking-support: Enabled N/A

Flags: * - Current stack port selection


I'll be swapping to a ring topology, will give it a go this weekend. Thanks for the advice