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X480-24x stacking license

Dear community, We have one Summit X480-24x with Core License. We will use VIM2-10G4X to stack it with a new X480-24X.. Questions : 1- is X480-24X supports stacking via VIM2 (10G links) ? 2- is stacking required license for X480-24X ? 3- for n...

Summit x670-G2 Stacking Methods

Hi, We are wondering about the logic behind two stacking methods between x670-G2 switches: v80 and v160. One difference is obvious, v160 is faster than v80, but why would you use v80 when the two methods use the same number of ports and cabling? is...

x670V-48x multicast L3 hardware table full

Hello, At a customer we are using 3 stacks of 3 x670v-48 switches. These are configured native stacking. The multicast used is PIM Sparse mode. In the log file I keep seeing the following message: Slot-2: IPv4 multicast entry not added. Hardware L...