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Data Center Bridging on VOSS

Hi,One of my customers wants to use Data Center Bridging via VOSS switches. I've been searching for references concerning support of this protocol (dcbx) on VOSS but can't find anything.Is someone allready using this and if so (if it is supported at ...

pab by New Contributor
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Access to mgmt VLAN in FE environment

Hi everybody,I have a setup with 4 VSP into a SPBm Fabric as this:Segmented mgmt interface is configured for each one via in band VLAN propagated as a standard L2VSN. mgmt vlan X ip address 10.0.0.Y/24 enable​ I can ping/ssh: A to C and BB to A and D...

Jave by New Contributor III
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Resolved! VSP 4450 web server issue 8.2 version

Hi everybody,I'm dealing with an issue on my VSP 4450 running 8.2 OS My issue ONLY APPEARS WHEN CONNECTING FROM OTHER SUBNET THAN MGMT iPI've set mgmtVlan and static route, I have to manage my device from different subnet :- SSH works fine - Web serv...

Julien by New Contributor
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