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GNS3 VOSS 8.3 - Write mem / Save config

GNS3 VOSS 8.3 - Write mem / Save config

New Contributor

Curious If anyone else is having this exact issue using VOSS 8.3 in GNS3, write mem, save config will not save a valid config file, If you reboot the virtual appliance it boots up in a defaulted state.


The following fixes the issue and allows you to save config with the command save config and boot the box from the config file you saved:


boot config choice primary config-file <Filenametosave>


Any point that you want to save config use:

save config file <SameFilename>


Once you boot the device once, and verify it automatically loaded the correct config it looks like you can use write mem, or save config and it works like normal.



Extreme Employee

Yes, confirming the same from my GNS3 setup with newer VOSS versions. The workaround though (setting “boot choice” properly and save the config using file parameter) is not that hurting, i believe. and will not be required after that (only initially after first install of image). 

Extreme Employee

Hi @AlexT0, You mean you can’t save the configuration by letting it to get saved under the default configuration file using just the command “save config”? And it was working fine in the older VOSS GNS3 images?