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IS-IS between Fabric Engine devices and EOS (S-Series)

IS-IS between Fabric Engine devices and EOS (S-Series)

New Contributor III

We are in the process of replacing a number of S-Series routers with 5520s running FE.

We have previously replaced our datacentre core routers with VSPs using SPBM. As our network was exclusively using OSPF before this, the core VSPs ended up running both OSPF and IS-IS with route redistribution between the two protocols.

S-Series routers running as building cores will be replaced one at a time with routers running FE, and we will implement SPBM across the network. In order to do this we would need to configure OSPF and redistribution on all the new routers in order to keep our existing network connectivity in place during the migration process.

To reduce the complexity of the migration, it occurred to us that we could eliminate OSPF from the network in advance, replacing it with IS-IS routing. The S-Series devices appear to support IS-IS - but I'm not clear if it's possible to configure IS-IS on FE devices outside of an SPBM configuration?

Is this going to work, or do FE devices not support full IS-IS routing?
(I notice that IS-IS is not mentioned at all in the 'IPv4 routing protocols' section of the FE user guide.)


Extreme Employee

Nope; Fabric Engine / VOSS devices do not support ISIS as an IPv4 routing protocol outside of SPBM.