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PoE cuts out

PoE cuts out

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We have a site with a VSP 5420F-24P-4XE. This is a parking garage and they're adding some cameras. They're reporting that once they reach more than 11 cameras, plugging in any additional will cause a different switch to lose power. I started a trace, but that hasn't shown anything useful. Other PoE commands show that they shouldn't be having an issue as the power being used and the power available is not close to the maximum. Am I missing something or is there something else that could be causing this?








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That makes sense. I'll look in the documentation, but do you know if there is a way to only allocate what is needed? If I limit the power to the port will it work even though the switch doesn't give it class 4?

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There's this command:

poe poe-limit [port <portlist>] <power_limit>

I can't find anything that lets the switch manage the PoE budget based on measured power draw, probably needs a feature request.


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looks like the 5420F is working as defined in the standard (in opposite to other Extreme Switches)

That means, the switch reserve the hole class-power also when it's not needed currently.

The Cams tell the switch, that they need class 4.

Class 4 is defined up to 30W ... as you can see Extreme is calculating with 32W. 

11x 32W = 352W --> ok

12x 32W = 384W --> raises poe budget of the switch.


This behavior is new to me. Summit G2 Switches are acting different. I didn't install any 5420F yet.