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SPBM implemented in EXOS

SPBM implemented in EXOS

New Contributor II

Hi All,

I was wondering if there are plans for implementing VOSS SPMB capabilities in EXOS, so the EXOS switches can work as BCBs/BEBs.

VOSS has quite complicated command line interface compared to EXOS and I thing it would be even simpler to configure SPBM in EXOS like CLI. One of the strong sides of EXOS is its configuration simplicity and command line's functionalities; I've had an experience of technicians that typically use GUI tool to manage their infrastructure and said that EXOS CLI is so nice and intuitive that they'll use it for simple configuration and monitoring.

We already have universal hardware that can work under EXOS and VOSS so integrading VOSS functionalities in EXOS seems like a natural step.

I wonder if there were any discutions about this between Extreme developers or if it's on any internal roadmaps.

Best regards and have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


Extreme Employee

CLI and GUI usability all comes down to personal preference. 

I have customers that love ERS/VSP CLI and don't like EXOS. And I have customers that think EXOS CLI is far superior.   At the end of the day it comes down to familiarity.  Today we have to switch o/s's.  You get the pick what makes the most sense.  Since Extreme purchased Avaya I am seeing most clients going EXOS edge and VSP Agg/Core/DC.   With FA on EXOS it really don't matter.

And the CLI is just a CLI.  I am seeing fewer clients worrying about the CLI because they are automating everything with ZTP, ZTF and NAC.  

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I totally agree with EXTR_Paul and Jave, when you are familiar with a cli then that is the best, easiest, ... for you.

I'm familiar with ERS/VOSS since Synoptics time, if you remember Synoptics/Bay/Nortel/Avaya/Extreme.

One thing I can tell is, there is no graphical interface like the ERS/VOSS interface.
In the beginning this was THE interface, later a useful cli interface was developed, now some things are easier with cli, others with the graphical interface.


New Contributor II

If you're running Fabric Engine, you still have EDM, which is similar to the JDM GUI interface from the Bay/Nortel/early Avaya days.

New Contributor III

I totally agree with VOSS CLI being difficult to work with.
I don't think bringing SPBM to EXOS really makes sense though.
IMHO, the best thing to do would be make VOSS more admin-friendly (auto-detect terminal size, make all commands output fit in 80 or max 120 columns, kill the crazy "no lacp" global command, make the "vlan member" command work with multiple VLANs, and so many more).

If you want to build something similar to SPBM on EXOS, you might want to take a look at AutoBGP.
I'm not sure where it fits in Extreme's current strategy, but a few years ago it seemed like an interesting vendor agnostic alternative.

New Contributor II

VOSS CLI is friendly to people who aren't lazy and want to use wizards.  There is no need to have LACP enabled by default, how is that crazy?

I said what I said.  LOL