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Virtual VOSS and working dataplane

Virtual VOSS and working dataplane

New Contributor II

Hi All,

I guess this is a question for peolple working at Extreme;  are there any plans to implement working dataplane on Virtual VOSS in future releases?


Extreme Employee


what is the use case you are looking for?


Hi Rodger,

Thanks for the reply; mainly to create virtual labs, which are easer to manage and setup than using physical equipment and enable me to create more complicated networks. I was playing a lot with Virtual EXOS in GNS3 and I'd like to use Virtual VOSS to learn the inner workings of SPB (especially that there are no other vendors that I know of who make SPB appliances available), but its quite, let's say, "unsatisfying" when you can't see the results of your setup and test communication paths; from what I've tested, the only thing that enables me to verify communication between switches is ping, which works only between directly connected bridges; pings are not forwarded futher.

Futhermore, we have multiple technicians who are working/learning Fabric and it would be great if they would be able to create their own labs on their computers.

Have a great day,
Patryk Piros