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Migrating from 7131 to 7562 as a co-deployment

Migrating from 7131 to 7562 as a co-deployment

New Contributor
We are looking to migrate from the 7131s to the 7562. The issue arises in that we are deploying in a mobile environment.. Migrating from WiNG 4 to WiNG 5 won't work for us as they're incompatible and we don't know when a particle AP will be meshing with another on any given day. The only real option we have is to deploy the 7562 along side the 7131 and "flip the switch" on the whole architecture at once. Has anyone ever done something. Any migration plans on this site or have any lessons learned? Our thought is to plug each AP into into a port on a switch, have the ports turned down on the old AP, shut down the port leading to the old AP, and turning up the port on the new AP. Currently the router is the DHCP server, but we will be looking at employing a VX9000. Any advice would be appreciated!

Extreme Employee
For clarification of your setup:

You have existing 7131's running WiNG-4 code?
You want to REPLACE the 7131's with 7562's or just add 7562's to the existing deployment?
Can you clarify what you mean by 'mobile environment'?
What is a 'particle AP'?
What type of controller for the existing WiNG-4 deployment?

I'm fairly certain you can do what you want, but getting there involves understanding what you have now so a proper migration path can be determined.