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Apple MacBook Sierra Wireless WIFI 5GHZ

Apple MacBook Sierra Wireless WIFI 5GHZ

New Contributor III
MacBook running HighSierra in wireless 5Ghz very instable in access-points 3825, 3805, 3912 with controller C25 running v10.31.04 ou v10.31.04.

After a week of testes the best solution is: Disable 5Ghz and use the 2.4Ghz interface Only

New Contributor III
I have more info about my problem, actually the Mcabook gets the P from DHCP then immediately loses it, if i put static IP it works, this happens only with 802.1x SSIDs.

any idea?

Extreme Employee
Hi Edward ,
Generally speaking , the 5GHz is much cleaner and give you more advantages in the design of RF around any deployment. It has [21] non-interlapping channels to work with , while 2.4 has only 3 , which is very difficult to plan for the channel re-use.
2.4GHz has a little bit better penetration characteristics , which makes the cell size bigger , which sometimes can be very beneficial, especially when you need to have larger spot coverage and using low-throughtput applications - good example is warehouse scanners . Other then that I am always trying to use 5GHz only - there is much higher chance that I can find channel(s) which are not occupied with other RF equipment (WiFi or non-WiFi) .
Other benefit of 5GHz is that you can use 802.1ac standard which is not available for 2.4GHz . Also you can do channel bonding - e.g. use 4 channels at the same time . With 2.4GHz you can bond only 2 channels , and in enterprise environment it is close to impossible to do such things.
As a conclusion - yes , for today's needs 5GHz spectrum is much better for almost all deployments and applications with some very few exceptions.

New Contributor
Hi buddy. After reading this topic, I had a conversation with my best friend about which is better, the 2.4GHz, and the 5GHz wireless. Our conversation was very long and it's even not a discussion anymore. My point of view is 2.4Ghz one is better but he always wanting to win me by giving untruth comment. He also give me link to an article, here it is: Then we contacted the webmaster of that website to ask about our problem. But after that i realize it's an affliate website, i am not believe them(although that article doesn't provide any affliate link). So Can you guys here give us any recommendation about our problem
It have been hard for our friend ship for a week

Extreme Employee

Did you try to run the Apple diagnostics, it might tell you what is wrong:

I would suggest you contact GTAC for assistance if the above doesn't provide resolution.