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How to disable the PoE port 2 on the AP-3865e?

How to disable the PoE port 2 on the AP-3865e?

New Contributor
How to disable the PoE port 2 on the AP-3865e to connect a device not PoE?

Extreme Employee
Hi Daniel,

Even though AP3865e has been designed to provide POE (802.3af) of port-2 that function is not yet available. In particular the AP is not yet able treat that port as a client port for edge access. That functionality is currently a roadmap estimated for early 2017. At this time the second port can be used to provide lag and link-redundancy for AP communications.

i.e to attach another AP to it if you run in the 100m restriction of the cat cable or as Daniel mentioned to connect a client - other vendors provide that functionality.
In that case you'd configure that a client on the port is set to role X i.e. for home office.
In that case the home user is able to connect via WiFi to the company network but could also connct a wired client and get's the same role - so you map a WLAN role to the LAN port.

This intrigues me. Paulo, why would you want to provide an edge connection off of the access point? Using it to lag bandwidth makes perfect sense to me. But I never thought of using that secondary port for anything else.