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Identifi: could I blacklist a MAC for a certain SSID or AP?

Identifi: could I blacklist a MAC for a certain SSID or AP?

Hello, everybody,

I have an ability to blacklist MAC address in Reports>Clients. But doing so I totally block a user for all SSIDs and APs.

Could I block a MAC for a certain SSID/AP?

Many thanks in advance,



Honored Contributor
Yes if you use external authentication like Extreme Control, just put the MAC to a end-system group that isn't allow and link it with the SSID.


Extreme Employee
  • If you want to blacklist users on a per WLAN basis you can add the MAC address to the role associated with specific WLAN you want to blacklist them on (keep in mind that the Max Number of Filter Rules per Role is 64).
  • You need to make sure when creating the filter rule in the role for the client to set the 'In filter' and 'out filter' to 'both', and the 'Access Control' to 'Deny'.
  • If you use this method the client will still be able to connect to the SSID but they will not be able to pass any traffic. This may be a viable solution if you only need to blacklist a few clients.
  • If you need to blacklist more clients and need to do so on a per WLAN basis you would need to use some kind of authentication (MAC) and use NAC to blacklist.

Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

Extreme Employee
Are we speaking Extreme wireless controller or Extreme Wing here?

I wondered why I did not recognize your solution. I am a Extreme IdentiFi ESE and this question was posted under the IdentiFi wireless heading. The below answer from Doug is our only solution as without that a blacklist entry blocks the entire system.