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iPads drop internet connection while retaining connection to ssid

iPads drop internet connection while retaining connection to ssid

New Contributor II
So I have had a problem with iPads losing internet randomly during the day at an Elementary school. I have 2 C35 controllers with 3825 aps running firmware version It seems that everyday almost a bunch of classrooms have there iPads just start spinning while loading something. The iPads are still connected to the AP with good signal, but will not ping gateway or anything until I either disconnect and reconnect from the wifi or do a hard reset on the iPad. It has been a hard problem to trouble shoot because every time it happens I hear about it afterwards or they are working by the time I get there. This problem has become frustrating to teachers and students because it will happen during the middle of testing sometimes also.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and come up with any solutions. I have opened tickets in the past for this. It seems we change something and it works for a couple days so we assume it is working but then I start hearing the same thing again.

Thanks for the help.

Extreme Employee
Another setting we have seen cause issues with the apples is having UAPSD enabled. When the ipad comes out of sleep mode you need to manually connect back up to the SSID.
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

New Contributor II
So changing the session timeout did not help the problem. Most classrooms still have to either restart their iPads or just shut off and turn on the wifi to get the connection to wake up. It always happens after waking the iPads from sleep.

New Contributor II
I am going to try this, we were set at the default of 0. I will post back when I get results.

You can configure session timeout in the WLAN service >advanced. So you configure it per service and not for the entire system. br Volker