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Mobility operation between two V2110 controllers with Extreme Wireless V9 and V10 and with Access Points models AP36xx, AP38xx and AP39xx

Mobility operation between two V2110 controllers with Extreme Wireless V9 and V10 and with Access Points models AP36xx, AP38xx and AP39xx

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Hello Community, I am working on an Access Points extension project for a client that currently has a Wireless Controller V2110 with Extreme Wireless V9.21.19.003 and with the following number of Access Points and models:

AP3610: 15
AP3620: 2
AP3825i: 3

According to the price list, it is noted that the only Access Points models that are currently being offered by the IdentiFi Wireless family are the AP39xxI / E. These APs only work with a Wireless Controller with Extreme Wireless V10.01 or higher. Therefore, these Access Points can not be used with the version currently owned by the client.

On the other hand, I also understand that Access Points AP36xx models are not compatible with Extreme Wireless V10. Therefore, to carry out an update from V9 to V10 requires a high investment from the client since he would almost have to buy everything again. This would leave us poorly positioned, because it could lead to a competitive scenario with another provider, which we do not have today.

Reviewing the articles of the GTAC Knowledge Home and the consultations that take place in the Community, we find that there are solutions to solve the need to change all Access Points that are not compatible with Extreme Wireless V10.

These are some of the links I found with the possible solution mentioned:

From this information, I have the following questions:
- Does the solution require configuring the two controllers in high availability (Split HA Pair) or does it only require configuring a Mobility Domain or does it require both configurations?
- In case that they are different solutions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution?
- What would be the process for the implementation of the configurations? Do we have to make the configurations with both controllers in V9 and then migrate one to V10 or can be made the configurations directly with the controllers in different versions? What licenses should we consider?
- Is there any technical document explaining the processes to follow for this type of implementation?

I will appreciate your support.

Many thanks in advance.


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Many thanks for your response Christoph! I'll keep in mind your suggest for the migration!

Mobility is needed if you user roam between APs of different (and independent) controllers.

From my point of view it's a good idea to setup mobility during migration phase from version 9 to 10.
I would not suggest to have an availability pair of controllers with different major versions.

Kind regards

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Many thanks for your response Ron!!! Our intention is to migrate the old access points in two or three stages, not all in one.

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IMHO, I'd replace them..... a new V2110 is about 3k % listprice - that is about the price of 6x AP3915i

So it's not a big investment for another 11 APs (AP38xx are supported in V10).
Talk to your Extreme SE and I'm sure he'll give you a good price for the replacement.

Sure you could make it complicated with mobility and everything but I'd never do that for 17APs.
If we are talking 200APs OK but not for such a low number.

To answer the question - you only need mobility, availability could make some things easier as it supports config sync for certain parameters but could also generate some erroros because you mix v9 with v10.

You could install v10 on the 2nd controller to config it - no need to start with v9
Order the correct license for the region e.g. WS-V2110-10-ROW for Rest of World (EU) plus AP licenses as the base lic only incl 8AP licenses.

technical document: AFAIK there is no document, but let's face it it's not rocket science, config the second controller with the same topology, WLAN service, roles and enable mobility.