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mobility tunnel

mobility tunnel

New Contributor II
I have two controllers WC-35 with version, and C4110 with version, and i would like configure mobility tunnel between tow controllers, the controller´s dont have HA, this is possible?

Honored Contributor
I'm sorry but it's hard to help if you don't provide exact information.....

1) what is the IP of controller#1&2 interface that you'd like to use for mobility and how are the interface topologies are configured = physical or bridge@EWC

2) could you ping the IP this IP from controller#1 and vice-versa

sorry, the Second octet is 15 for both segment of network, and

That IPs don't match with the IPs in the error message that you've provided...

"manager: Mobility tunnel establishment failed with Peer"

this is the information of controllers:

controller 1: interface physical 24 with Ap registrering, version
controller 2: interface physical 24 with Ap registrering, version

and ping is successfull in both directions.

but controller 1 have 61 VNS configured and other controller have 3 VNS.