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IdentiFi point-to-point 5km

IdentiFi point-to-point 5km

Valued Contributor
Hi, all!

We need 450Mbps in point-to-point with 5km distance with AP3865 or 3965.
Aslo it have to be 5GHz. (If it possible with 2,4GHz - tell me this too, please).

In documentation I saw that this distances possible.


But numbers is for 802.11n stadard.

May be this numbers higher for 802.11ac?
Or I have to use other antennas? (which one?)

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Have you looked at Ubiquiti AirFiber? They make products that make doing such things easy!

P.S. they have solutions that do 1 + Gbps at 50+ km.

Extreme makes a great solution, however sometimes purpose-built hardware works better for these things. A.k.a. more visibility and easier to set up. You will also get better throughput and lower latency. I've even had sales people from extreme go on about how great the point the point solutions are. So I would choose extreme networks any day over Ubiquiti, but for the sole purpose, I would choose them.

Hello, Jeremy!

It's cool that other vendors have such solution.
But we want to sold Extreme's solution )))

Thank you!