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Optimal APs installation (orientation in space) for Subscriber Localization on the floor plans in NMS-ADV

Optimal APs installation (orientation in space) for Subscriber Localization on the floor plans in NMS-ADV

Hello, everybody,

I am going to test wifi user localization feature of Netsight Advanced and hope that 3805 and 3916 suitable for this.

I have a rectangle shaped room about 7x14 meters, separated by dry wall.

I'll install 3x3805 and 1x3916 in the corners.

The question is whether any difference exists in how to setup AP: on a wall or on a ceiling?

I know it has special importance for user localization... Actually, in 2015 I've tried to do that but result was very negative. I've got just chaotic smoky lines like someone was running through the floor with fume torch or flare =))) I think it was because of rude AP deployment and their wrong orientation in space.

Are there any recommendations for how to setup AP in optimal way for this feature?

In 2015 the only property could be used to find a user was his MAC... Are there any improvements for today? May be, IP, username, etc?

Many thanks in advance for any comments,



Honored Contributor
Here a example of my test network@Home - I've moved the AP on the corner of the map even 3 of them are siiting on my desk in the upper left room - only 2 APs provide WLAN service at this time,

You'd click on "location readiness" to get a feeling how good/bad it will work.


Don't be sad, I made a test map with a 10mx10m room surrounded by drywall and put 4x 3825s in the corners, set their orientation to ceiling mounted, and got Excellent Location Readiness. According to this it's actually better to have the APs right in the corners for the best location coverage.


I've got it, thank you...

Very sad...=(

The green area is the area where triangulation will work. Location readiness is predictive, so you could make the map of the room yourself and position the APs to see what the coverage is like, then move them around, maybe bring them in from the corners and see how the coverage changes.