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Wireless enterasys access point WS-AP3610

Wireless enterasys access point WS-AP3610

New Contributor
Good day All

my company have buy new AP3610, I need to set it up and add to the exiting access point, all are enterasys access point WS-AP3610.

And this is my first time configure new AP. This AP comes with no manual like give basic set up and give IP address for management.

I have search and found default IP address of and this IP address is not working .

I have tried to configure it with following configure

cset ipaddr

cset ipmask

cset gateway



(Wait until the prompt comes back)


however when I test if I can ping this IP address , I’m getting this error

# ping

PING ( 56 data bytes

ping: sendto: Network is unreachable

can someone help me .

New Contributor
It´s year 2016 und you purschased =>new<= AP3610 access points? Hint: They are rather old and software version 9.* will be the last major software release for them. You cannot use version 10.x and up

Extreme Employee
The AP3610 does require controller for configuration and monitoring. When the AP is configured the controller is not needed (some exceptions are there). The controller must be version 9.X maximum. The version 10 is not compatible with AP3610. As Ronald mentioned the help from trained/experienced person is good way to go.
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Honored Contributor
- you need to disable DHCP first or the static entry will not work
# cset dhcp disable

- as Jeremy mentioned > you need an WLAN controller to configure the other settings

- in my opinoin you should hire someone to install the APs and give you a basic training
you could find partners here >
or training >

no problem - did it work with the DHCP disable command ?