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Wireless Firmware 10.x

Wireless Firmware 10.x

Contributor II
Hi Do we have a release date for the new version 10 firmware for the wireless appliances? Thx Andre

Extreme Employee
No, there will be no support for the 3600 Series. You can still run a mixed environment but your 3600 Series will have to be homed to a V9.21 controller. If you are using a centralized deployment your mobility domain can include V9.21 and V10.01 controllers ensuring transparent roaming across the mixed environment. Although it doesn't seem like it, removing support for older platforms is for the benefit of our customers, allowing us to move quicker to meet their growing needs for more bandwidth hungry applications as well as providing them more visibility and control over their network.



We have over 900 36xx APs. Are plan was to slowly phase in 39xx wave 2 APs over the next few years. It would be a waste to continue with 37xx and 38xx models.

I don't want to run multiple controllers in different versions.

So my choice is either to essentially run a second wireless system or dump money into already obsolete APs?

Why should V10 not support the ASIC/hardware on AP36xx series any longer? Does it include a brand new Linux kernel, where the driver was removed? I don ́t think so. What is "V10" than a V9 with some enhancements added? It ́s not a completely new written Wifi Controller Software. If one of those new features isn ́t supported on AP36xx, don ́t activate it... Is it really that hard? So, please Extremenetworks, Keep your existing customers happy.

Well, well, well... Extreme, where is the trade-in program to "update" all legacy AP?

WS-AP3610 DUAL 802.11A/B/G/N INDOOR INT ANTENNA DUAL 802.11A/B/G/N INDOOR INT ANTENNA 12/31/2014 03/31/2020 Guess extreme is confused too.