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AP 410c Connection Issues

AP 410c Connection Issues

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We are having issues with model AP410c series access points. End users started experiencing connection issues since we started replacing model AP250 with AP410c. Users lose their connection randomly and we can see drops on ExtremeCloudIQ. Access points never lose their power and stay connected to Cloud, that said it is nothing to do with our switches/configs. We never experienced these issues with Aerohive brand and started happening after all over our district with new 410c access points. My questions are;
1- Are you receiving similar complaints and is there a solution?
2- What is the recommended FW version for AP410C? Certain versions creates bigger issues like no connection at all for end users but all the FW listed on the portal is marked as "Global"
Looking forward to find a solution.



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Have you found any helpful solutions to this. I have this happen with my AP410c access points in various classrooms at random times throughout the day. The Dell laptops will be connected just fine and then will randomly disconnect from the network. If we click disconnect and then connect again, they will come back up. It has become very frustrating.

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I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?

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Hp 5400R series switches.

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thanks. We're a Juniper shop.  I was curious for us as we were only seeing this behavior on ap's that were connecting to newly insatlled Juniper 3400EXs.  We didn't see it on the older models or at on of our locations that have older Cisco models.  We have updated our 410's to 10.5r4 and after one failed cycle we are currently holding stable at 18 days now.