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how to clear the running config under cli without reboot?

how to clear the running config under cli without reboot?

I could clear the current , backup, failed config with `_clear config` command, but could not find any cli to clear the running config except `reset`.
anyone know how to do it?

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The reason why you cannot wipe the current running config without reboot is because any changes made to radio profile including unloading its current config need reboot to take effect. The closest you could get to this would be to manually undo the individual commands via no prefix versions of the lines in the running configuration, and even then you likely wouldn't be able to unload the radio profile settings.

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I may have found your answer. I was looking for a way to wipe the current config on my 5520 and came across "unconfigure switch erase nvram".
This wiped my running configuration and reset the switch to a default configuration. It also kept the EXOS image in place, I did have to tell it to use the primary again. (This is where I have my current EXOS, you may need to use the secondary.) Anyway, I hope this helps.

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I am talking about aerohive's ap, not exos device.