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Multiple client load balancing areas in one building?

Multiple client load balancing areas in one building?

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I have EIQ deployments with a mix of AP510c's and AP305c's in a K12 environments. Most locations have cafeterias, auditoriums and gymnasium that would benefit from enabling client load balancing on the AP's in those spaces.

The documentation to configure client load balancing in EIQ is pretty minimal. What I have found says turn it on in the radio profile for both radios on the AP's that have line of sight in the space where you want load balancing. Maybe I am over complicating this and the system is smarter than I think, but  in one building under one Network Policy, I have multiple areas where I need client load balancing. If for example I enable it on AP's in the gym, and in the theater on the other side of the building will that work, or will the system try to distribute clients across all the AP's even though some are out of range?

Thank you.




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hi David,

i have set up it in my LAB, & it works pretty well, i have selected the option of load balance with no of clients.



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Following. I've yet to test this functionality, but am curious to see what you find out or if others have feedback from testing.

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Now that I went ahead and configured client load balancing I see in the interface it says it will load balances to neighboring AP's that have load balancing enabled... or something to that effect. Anyhow it looks like this should work.. and with a few minutes of testing now I think it does.


Can anyone comment or point to documentation with the proper application of client count based client load balancing and air-time based client load balancing?

It's the old aerohive documentation but has quite good notes on the different load balancing: