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PoE Dregated AP305C-1 and XIQ Alerts

PoE Dregated AP305C-1 and XIQ Alerts

New Contributor II

Hi guys.

Here to see if anyone know what the hell is happening.


AP305C-1-WR powered by PD-3501G-ENT (Single Port, 1 Gigabit 802.3af PoE Midspan.)

1. First why the the AP is blinking like failing the PoE? Annoyng but i can configure the led status then this stop.

2. Second receveing alerts in XIQ about Degraded PoE, and CoPilot as well.... The midspan is the recommended by Extreme to this AP... Why is generating this alarms? The led blinking is ok we can resolve this. But receveing alerts and CoPilot working about this, very annonyng.


Power state has changed between PoE and PoE+. POE Anomaly-Type : FLIP

Recommended Actions
Check whether there is sufficient PoE budget on the upstream switch and check network cabling.


Extreme Employee

True although we recommend POE+ for 802.11ax APs, the AP305C is fully functional with 802.3af power source. The blinking LED is normal. Not sure about the alert you are seeing, could you provide a screenshot?


Christoph S.

The more I look into it, the more puzzled I become... I'm really not getting why one thing is recommended and then the datasheet says something else. Anyway.

Now, Copilot's throwing up this POE warning, but the Device Health tab isn't showing any issues:

Device Hardware Health Score: 100/100
Average CPU: 1%
Average Memory Utilization: 39%
Adequate Power Supply: 100%"

Extreme Employee

Hello @mlisboabr,

Please upgrade power to POE+ (802.3AT). This will stop the blinking  white LED and should help with the alarms. 802.3AT is the recommended power for these APs. What you are seeing is normal when the AP is powered up via 802.3AF. 


Christoph S.

Hi @Christoph_S 

Got i. I'm a bit confused right now.

Why is this the midspan in the datasheet and is it incorrect or not recommended? Last page of datasheet...