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Standard GRE Tunnel configuration CentOS

Standard GRE Tunnel configuration CentOS

New Contributor III

Hi, everyone!

The topic has already been addressed a few times here, but has not yet been conclusively clarified.

I am currently trying to configure a CentOS 7 server as a GRE endpoint for my access points. I want to tunnel the guest traffic and have configured "Standard GRE Tunneling" in XIQ, although I do not yet know exactly what the difference is between dot1q and access mode.

Has anyone successfully configured a GRE Linux server to work with the Aerohive APs? I can't really find useful instructions on the internet. Someone has to have configured it before, otherwise the option in XIQ would not be available.

Does anyone have any ideas or instructions? 




New Contributor III

Hello Christoph,

thank you for your fast answer.

The GRE tunnel configuration is working fine with an Extreme AP as GRE endpoint.

But i want to do “Standard GRE” to a non-Extreme device as endpoint. What i’m looking for is a howto for a CentOS or Ubuntu GRE Server. I was hoping that somebody in the Extreme Community got it to work already.

Extreme Employee