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Adobe Flash end of support 2020 - WING GUI 5.9.x/7.x

Adobe Flash end of support 2020 - WING GUI 5.9.x/7.x

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There is a GUI migration plan based on FLASH for other technologies such as HTML5 before the end of support by Adobe and most browsers in Dec / 2020. Or we will suffer the same type of nightmare that exists with JAVA-based GUIs that were never updated again.
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Kicking the can on down the road I see. Problem I have with the ‘work around’ is that it doesn’t seem to write the running config to the devices. So I still can’t use it. 300 some-odd devices...can’t do crap with ‘em. Soooooooooo running for the hills and switching the first chance I get. This product is junk.

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Totally agree with Aviv.

The question I have is: will we get a GUI before Extreme stops the WING solution completely. 
It seems that Extreme doesn't like non-subscription solutions anymore. 

The recent release notes announce the removal of some functionality with the universal AP: Virtual controller, GUI... We still don't have a replacement for Nsight officially supported for WING 7 ??? Why ??

Why did we abandon this great solution to invest only on the Cloud? Extreme's wallet is better? Soon we won't be able to offer our customers a choice, it will be cloud or nothing... 


If Extreme doesn't want WING anymore, why not try to resell the solution to someone else ? back to Zebra or Motorola ? Everything was simpler before and more stable from my point of view. We often had less surprise before with the eventual bug in the new WING versions… 

And to think that I have customers who pay huge sums of money in TAC & OS maintenance why? To finance the development of cloud IQ ? or to improve the features and stability of WING ?


I feel that Extreme will become a bit like Meraki (full cloud $$$$ ).... I'm currently thinking about other manufacturers and leaving Extreme to build local solutions to replace WING: Aruba IAP, Ruckus unleashed,… ??




Angry wing lover...






Hello community,

I have a premonition that the new GUI will be released at the end of Jun 2022, not at 2021 9e6a6997127e473598f87fd0104c06d1_1f644.png


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I was able to download the file. Thank you

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For devices that are unable to use WiNG 7 (non 802.11ax devices), you’d want to continue using the Web-Manager to manage those devices. Sorry I don’t have better news for you all on that front.