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Adobe Flash end of support 2020 - WING GUI 5.9.x/7.x

Adobe Flash end of support 2020 - WING GUI 5.9.x/7.x

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There is a GUI migration plan based on FLASH for other technologies such as HTML5 before the end of support by Adobe and most browsers in Dec / 2020. Or we will suffer the same type of nightmare that exists with JAVA-based GUIs that were never updated again.
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Anyone able to use WiNG directly on macOS without Parallels or Fusion ?


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I gave the Nova UI a quick run without any APs and it seems to run well.

- UI is fast and responsive
- main toolbar can be minimized
- runs good on mobile (tried Android), although UI elements size and positioning seems to be a little funky in portrait mode
- you can sort by columns and also add or remove columns
- remote CLI is included which is very nice (looks like we can also download a log of the CLI?)
- default dashboard seems to be lonely and very blank but you can add or edit dashboards, I guess we might get some widgets later on to put on the dashboards?
- you can a download a CSV list from pretty much anywhere which is also very nice
- notifications on top right are good
- built in Here map
- you can search anywhere with instant results
- process list is built in with usage per each
- missing captive portal policy page?
- right click doesn't seem to be a thing anywhere
- a lot of settings and statistics are missing, use CLI for that
- would like to see an option to define a custom http/https management port
- also would like to have an option to upload/download stuff via web browser
- upload/download is now possible via ftp/sftp/tftp, http has been removed?

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Community Manager

Hello all, just wanted to let you know we released WiNG which includes the new HTML 5 UI, in the form of the Nova management UI referenced in the release notes for this version. 

For more details and links to the files for this version, please reference this post: 


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Hi Gentleman,


Besides all the weight put here Extreme has to bench press themselves, which workaround do you refer to? Is it WiNG-Man? Or some niche browsers like Palemoon with old Flash version? The latter works well for me.

There’s still CLI and I believe it would’ve been better for WiNG if it never went into GUI (which wasn’t there initially ? ). But I know it’s not cheering anyone up, I’m from a generation that got used to GUIs myself. If you’ll need any assistance in accomplishing a task through the CLI, let us know. That’s what we can try here to minimize the disruption you experience.

WiNG is a great platform in terms of its maturity, stability and config granularity/scalability, it would be a pity if it was gone. I don’t like subscriptions as the only available option myself. I know it might be cheaper especially for small customers when prices of everything are skyrocketing these years (and will continue so), but I’d prefer some alternative choice besides attempting to be happy without owning anything. 😉


Hope that helps,